Saturday, May 14, 2011

this and that...

Here are a few pics. from the yard and things...
Moose Poop: Bulbs sent from my niece in Alaska. The bulbs resemble moose droppings, hence their name. These flowers bloom all summer! They are so pretty and such an eye stopping color! 

Decorating with plates. I love plates and they were so cheap! 

The newest members of our family. They are so cute! When they were first born my 5 year old said, "Their eyes don't look so good" They were a bit icky looking, but still cute ;)


  1. We have a robin nesting on the front porch. Last year it was the back door. I love watching the nests and the little fledglings take their first flight...but I agree, at first, they don't look so good!
    Love the plates!

  2. The flowers are beautiful! And the platea? What is not to love about them?! I have a soft spot for dishes of any kind.

  3. Baby birds get cuter by the day..thank goodness! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  4. hi alyssa,

    the blue flowers are such a great color! are they easy to grow/care for?

    i have the bottom plate, too. a homegoods find!

    sweet post!


  5. I love plates too! Yours look fabulous hanging. Scarlett x

  6. While doing yard work yesterday, I heard little birdies chirping. I told my son I wish I could see them and he said he could try and get a picture. Our house sits on pillars (Florida) and the birds build nest under the 2x2. We have nests everywhere.

    The picture was so cute...big open mouth and hungry. The Mama sat nearby making loud sounds. Leave my baby alone. Was too cute. Enjoy your's!

  7. Those plates are amazing. They look so beautiful:) Wish you a great Friday


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