Wednesday, February 16, 2011

seagrass side table and garden wedding chair

Seagrass Side Table

I was at the Goodwill (g-dub) and this cute little table caught my eye. Well, the color wasn't that cute, but I could see way past that and what I was going to do with it. I checked it all over making sure it was not going to fall apart on me. I quickly threw it into my cart and paid a meager $7.99 for Georginna, who was looking more like a George at that point. Why do I name my furniture pieces? I have no idea! I gave Georginna a complete makeover! 

Georginna is now a beautiful seagrass side table in our master bedroom. Way to go Georginna! 

Garden Wedding Chair

Next up is Polly! Polly was looking putrid. I can't even show you what the cover looked like on the seat! There is actual print on the bottom of the chair that reads recovered in 1975! You're not kidding! G-R-O-S-S! But, she was $4.99 at the G-dub, so I took the cover off, put in new batting, reupholstered it with $1.99 fabric, sanded, primed and painted. Polly is now sitting proud! 


  1. Good eye! They both look great, but Georginna is especially pretty with her new makeover.

  2. What an unusual table and I love it.

  3. Oh I love that! So perfect for Spring! Thanks for joining Idea Sharin' Wednesday!


  4. wow, what a big job you did (well i think it's a big job as i've never done what you did before anyways..) I dont even know how to change or rip the cushion chair! I love what you did with Georginna/George hehe, it's lovely!!! i love it and I love the choice of the new cover, so sweet!!

  5. Both are beautiful:) I love that table very much:) Kisses and enjoy your Thursday

  6. Hi Alyssa! Thanks SO much for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets party, I'm so glad you did! Your pieces from G-will turned out beautiful! I LOVE going there and finding something that looks just awful and turning it into something lovely! :)
    Thanks again for linking up...can't wait to see what you link up next week!

  7. I adore the table!!! You've done such a brilliant job on both the pieces, they would cost a fortune in some of the upmarket boutiques here! Looking forward to see your future blog posts :o) Scarlett x

  8. Ooh la la....I love these! Such great finds. I am a Good Will hunter too.


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