Thursday, February 10, 2011

bedroom ideas and my friends new blog!

Here's some design eye candy for you. I'm always searching and searching for decor ideas for the bedroom. I seem to be on my designing way for our bedroom and I love to get inspiration from some great bedrooms-all photos are from Country Living! Here are some bedrooms that I'm taking a bit of this and that from the rooms below. I'm going to try something new!

 I would feel like a princess in here and I love the color of the big door in the mirror. I'm thinking of something with wicker and those chairs are great too!

I really like this framed art, mirror, and plate vignette

I wish I had barn board!!

I love the branches and stars! Bringing the outside indoors, minus the mosquitos! I LOVE this look!

Perfect Cottage-I'm looking at the blue bench at the foot of the bed

That chippy side table is awesome with that lamp
PLEASE VISIT MY GREATEST FRIEND SARAH'S NEW BLOG! She is soooo talented and I'm sure you'll love her ideas so follow along!


  1. Lovin' those bedrooms! So bright and light and charming!

  2. Thank you for the plug, Aly! You know where you could get that blue bench from one of the photos? From our dear friend at Post & Boot in the Brookfields. We should take a weekend trip to see him!!

  3. Nice bedrooms! They all have great designs. Even if some have plain colors or a lot of color combination they all look good.

  4. I've been reading Boston bee for a week and i always seems to have it very cool and interesting. Now, you have nice bedrooms designs.

  5. I love those designs of bedroom. I am so proud of Boston Bee they are a powerful company. More power and I enjoyed your blog. Great post !


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