Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hot chocolate flower-the flower thing tutorial

So many people are doing the "flower thing" and I LOVE the flowers and wearing them makes me :) smile! Spring is almost here!!!

So, here goes it! I'm going to show you how to make a super simple flower that I'm sure I saw on a blog and I have no idea where because you're all so talented, so I'm not going to take full-credit for this, but take heart and have fun!
Lisa, this one's for you my gal ;)

Choose some fabric and cut or tear a 2.5", or so strip.

Find a piece of felt and cut a medium circle. I eyeball everything, so I just cut this out with my eyeball.That doesn't sound right, does it...
Set the circle aside
Get some great fabric or wide, wide ribbon
Fabric: Hot Chocolate
Tie a knot at one end

Twist the fabric around the knot and while twisting add glue. You can use fabric glue. I used Elmer. Elmer and I have been friends for many school years! Keep twisting and keep twisting, around and around...

Depending on how much fabric you cut you can make your flower as big as you like .

Now take the felt circle and add Elmer.

Then add the flower on top of the glue and press. (count to 10)

Then, find a button and add a button in the middle of your flower.
It still looks wet, but when it dries the wet look disappears and it's a solid hold.

With a hot glue gun add a fabric pin to the back of the felt circle. I don't have one of those yet!

Then SO PRETTY! Your Hot Chocolate flower is done! Put it on a sweater, coat, add it to a headband...


  1. SO CUTE! I have to make one this weekend! Love it! :) ♥

  2. Love this...they would be great in spring fabric colors too! Is it too early to say bring on spring!?


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