Friday, November 5, 2010

it's been awhile, but here i am!

Decluttering, it's good for the soul!  You may think it's time consuming, or too much of a job, But I haven't posted in a bit because I've been cleaning house and I mean CLEANING!  Have you ever had the clutter just pile up in the closets and are afraid it's just going to come crashing down on your head someday?  Well, that's what has been happening to me.  Enough, is enough I said to myself!  I just have tooooo much stuff!  Why do we need so many things?  Do I really need 7 scarves, or 6 bowls all the same size,  old blinds, one boot, one shoe, the jeans that I may fit into someday, random toys from when my son was 3, and...the list goes on and on.  

So, I have been decluttering and chucking!  It's such a great feeling!!!  So, I challenge you to go through one room, one closet, before the end of the weekend if you can and just start throwing away.  Decluttering is SOUL FOOD! Share your story with me, I'd love to hear it!

Sorry, no pictures today!  Maybe I'll find my camera in the clutter!!!  I hope I didn't throw that out!  


  1. Oh,'re so right! I've been doing some major decluttering lately, too--SO good for the soul--and the house--and the sanity!

    Glad you've taken the time!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful...


  2. Isn't that a glorious feeling? I love that cleaned up feeling. Now the trick (at least for me) is to keep it that way.


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