Saturday, November 6, 2010

christmas in new england part 1

I know, I know we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but Tom the Turkey won't mind if I gobble up a few of your blogging minutes with some Holiday Cheer!  Today, I present to you a taste of Christmas in New England...Enjoy ;) I won't say Merry Christmas yet!  Oops, I just did! 
Photo Old Sturbridge Village
Go to the evening of illumination this month at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA and spend the evening in the village and shops like days of old.  It's certain to get you into the New England Christmas spirit! 

The simple white picket gate
Woodstock, VT
Country Living New England Photo
Put greenery everywhere, if you can!  I start with the outdoors and work my way inside.  I put it on my white farmer's porch, under the windows, then inside on the mantel, on the chandelier.  I also make simple wreaths for every room and decorate them with a theme for that room.  Cinnamon sticks and fresh fruit in the kitchen, a wreath with glitter dipped starfish for the bathroom.  White lights everywhere!!! 
I love gingerbread and simply display them on my hutch.  It's fun to put them around your home. I have to load up on some for my son before I put them out though...He has sticky fingers!
Photo courtesy of Country Living - Photo for in New England 
This is the wreath that I will be replicating this year for my doors.
Fruits and greenery.
Courtesy of Country Living Photo for in New England

P.S. Still searching for MY camera! ;(


  1. Beautiful...all of it! I'm SO ready for Christmas, and I'd certainly love to enjoy it in New England!

    I love Sturbridge Village, but I've only been there in the summer...Christmas time someday!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. There's a Country Living in New England magazine?!?!!? Must subscribe!!!

    Lovely post, by the way :) ♥

  3. great ideas & images. hope you find your camera soon (i know i'd miss mine like crazy!).

    happy weekend ... enjoy the extra hour!


  4. Lovely wreath. I would love to make that one myself.

    You have a wonderful blog. I found your link on Lemon Verbena Ladies blog. I will visit often to watch for photos of snow. Being in California, I don't get a chance to see that unless I head to the moutains.



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