Saturday, September 11, 2010

yesterday i was reunited with a singer

I ventured into the dark basement and saw the box that had been calling my name for 8 long years.  I had ignored it's calling for some time and then decided that it was time. 

So, Singer and I had some words as I was trying to thread it, read directions, figure out what a bobbin is, and tell my 4 year old that the couch is not a trampoline.  After a call to Mom and her explanation of what a bobbin is for, I figured it out and we were HAPPY! 
Several scraps later and about 2 hours of total sew time (many of you might be laughing), but I made....(drum roll please...)


my throw pillow
It's not perfect, but it's my first sewing project in 8 years and my 2nd sewing project ever.  Not too shabby, or is it?
Have you picked up my button yet?  Please spread the buzz if you can.  I wonder who follower number 50 will be? 


  1. It's great..Now just think of all the cool stuff you'll be able to create..xx

  2. I am trying to learn to sew too! have fun... and you never forget your first... pillow that is!!!

  3. Good for you! The pillow turned out fantastic, I love the fabric.

    I'm adding your button to my blog!


  4. Hi Alyssa, you have a beautiful blog - I'm very happy to be follower 50!!

    You are a braver woman than I! The pillow looks great. I am definitely not a person that can sew and altho' I have a sewing machine - we do not have a good relationship!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Looking forward to your next post. Michelle

  5. I LOVE your pillow, you & singer make a good couple! :)


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