Monday, July 15, 2013

a glimpse into my home. part 1. the kitchen

my home is not on a magazine cover, or in one, but i love it and it's my home, our home. so, here are some pics of my home to share with you. enjoy! p.s. i'm not using proper capitalization rules on purpose...why you may ask? sometimes it's fun to break the rules!

the new chandelier. a perfect addition bought at crompton collective-a local artisan mall
view from the living room. yes, this farmer's table is getting a new color on her legs. off to home depot soon! what color will i pick? hmmm.....are you curious? me too! i do have a color in my mind, but once i get there and am in color saturation chip land, ya never know what i'll come back with.
linen that i've collected. some old, some new in a flea market wire basket.  these need to be ironed and refolded, but lately I have big goose egg zero time for that. Another globe found at Crompton Collective. love my globe habits.

paper garland bought from simple home life! why not?
view from our galley kitchen. a very small one indeed, but big meals and yummy treats are made and shared here. see that bench? yup, made from a twin bed.
color love! our art crate, which i bought at birch alley-a local shop, is just bursting with color, which i love! i use  mason jars, vases, tin pails, etc., to store all of our colorful goodies. 
our summer fun list on our hugo-mungo chalkboard on the opposite side of the kitchen. we've done almost everything on our list already, so we need to add more. like i said we've been very busy, but it's been a FUN busy!
we've been spending days swimming in our pool and just being plain old LAZY! movie nights almost every night. going to bed late and waking up late.
today is Will's first day of summer camp, so he's off and having a BLAST! time for some Mommy time to myself.
Join me for part 2.


  1. This was a great post! I enjoyed it very much!

  2. Your house is always so pretty, Aly! I love your dining room. Haven't been there in a while - thank you for a glimpse of its current state :D


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