Saturday, November 12, 2011

take the road less traveled

Today we drove up to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving Dinner #1 at my cousin's home. My hubby and I took the scenic route up, avoiding the highway on purpose.  We just enjoyed the dips and curves of the backroads in Massachusetts to New Hampshire.
We drove through covered bridges and I waved to all of the antique shoppes as we drove by to get to our destination! Seeing that we drive on the highway daily to commute we needed the break. I encourage you to take the "road less traveled."  
It's totally worth it!


  1. So sweet! And bittersweet not stopping at the shops--lol! J.k. Sounds awesome ;)

  2. So hard to pass by those antique shops..I would have been waving too. Hope you had a great family dinner and yes, always take the back much to see. We ventured out today and landed at Barre Fall's Dam. A lovely place to have a picnic! Cant wait for the warmer days..

  3. So true...I love it when we take the backroads out to my in~laws in western Ma. It's much more relaxing!


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