Friday, November 25, 2011

annalee dolls bring back memories

My love for the Annalee doll began when I was young girl riding up to Lake Winnipesaukee. I knew I had arrived when I began to see the big billboards for all of the fun spots! One that I loved was for the Annalee doll shop and museum in Meredith, New Hampshire.

My sister and I used to call these "the Aunt June dolls" because their big wide smiles and cheeks looked just like our sweet Auntie June.
I bought my first Annalee doll the other day. My mom said I had some when I was younger, but I don't remember. Well, I can't believe that I waited  something years to do it seeing that I LOVE to shop! But, perhaps I was just waiting for that particular one to get me and it did!
With it's blonde hair swept off to the side, wide smile and little divil eyes peeking over to the side I saw my son and said, "This is the one!"
I told my sister the other day that I bought an Annalee doll and she said, "An Aunt June doll?" We both laughed ;).
Do you collect Annalee dolls? Visit or go to the Annalee Outlet in Meredith, NH.

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  1. We moved about 10 miles from the annalee musuem about 23 years ago. we use to get coupons in the mail for 50% off 1 item I would go and get the really large christmas ones. That was in the day when they were made there and annalee would be in the shop with her husband who had always had a camera slug around his neck. They are made in China now and annalee and her husband are both gone now. I have a few christmas and halloween.


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