Friday, July 8, 2011

arts and crafts time with Mod

Scrabble Tile Necklace: I am the type of crafter that uses anything that I have on hand at the moment to work with. Large rocks or soup cans for hammers. I hardly measure a thing and use the "eyeball it" method. The steps that I did are a bit backwards.
1. I glued my paper cut-outs to the scrabble tile

2. I put several layers of mod podge on top, let it dry then applied the hard coat mod podge.

3. I drilled a hole using the 1/16th bit into the front of the tile-You should actually do this step at #1.

4. I added my fastener.

5. Then my beaded necklace.
6. Poof! It's done!

Mod Podge Letter Art: My next project is brought to you by the letter "F" (Remember Sesame Street)
I picked up a $2.00 white "F" at Michael's.

1. Traced the letter on the back of the paper. Make sure the letter is in reverse, so that you have the right print on the front.

2. Cut out the paper letter and place it on the top of the real "F" for good measure.

3. Put a layer of Mod on the real "F" then place the paper on top. Be Very Careful!
4. Add another layer of Mod on top of the paper "F" and trim the paper or lightly sand it if you need to.

5. Let it dry and then add a hard coat on top if you wish.

6. Your letter is done! Fancy Shmansy


  1. Love the tile necklaces. I didn't know about the hard coat modge podge! Gotta have it!

  2. Love the letter F!! I just got a bunch of scrabble tiles to try this with too ~ we think alike!! I ordered the tiles after I bought my scrabble tile necklaces online for teacher gifts...I thought "hey, I think I can do this". Now I've got to try it too!!

    Good to see you tonight!! :)Sarah

  3. I love the letter! PS kinky love on my blog today. :-)


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