Saturday, February 16, 2013

we're excited around here and a paper flower tutorial

Why you ask? Because it's FEBRUARY VACATION---I can't wait, Will can't wait, Dave...well he'll be spending some of it with us, as he is working, so he can't wait either to goof off with us too! We'll be going to the mountain and we have some other special treats ahead. ;) Just being able to recharge the batteries is a treat too! Slow mornings waiting for the sunrise are theeee best!
Here are some Valentine Day pics. Dave had to work, so Will and I celebrated with a red, white and pink supper. Our favorite supper is having breakfast at night. So much fun and so easy!
Our Valentine Breakfast for Supper


The Flea Circus-My small side business-taught an art class at Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA. Jenn and I taught a Paper Flower making class. It was a blast! So many talented ladies from all occupations came down and crafted away. I love meeting new crafters like myself. ;)

Paper Flower making is soooo easy and addictive. You can use vintage papers, those paper pads from Michael's, old books, maps, etc...

I am working on a garland for Spring. My friend Jenn and I made these for her wedding last summer. We popped them into milk glass. They turned out so pretty!

Here's a tutorial for ya! Click to my other blog to learn

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  1. So cute Alyssa. I will definitely have to try my hand at these. Thanks for sharing.


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