Sunday, June 17, 2012

a good deed, decor and doodles

We made a list of good deeds that will be done over the summer. Inspired by Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy. Even though Church School is over today for the summer, we don't stop thanking God for what we have and we don't stop helping others. 
good deeds: I'm very proud to say that all on my own my son heard about The Muscular Sclerosis Association of America looking for items for people to donate. (The big bag and postcard gave it away). He began naming off items that he would like to donate to others in need that he has that he just doesn't need. My husband and I work hard to instill in him that you have to work hard for what you have and give to others that are truly in need that work hard, but just don't have much.  Also, his Nana suffers from a muscular disease. He sees her struggles and her pains, but she still carries on and works hard. For that we are so proud! Our William has that glitter in his you little tall guy. xoxo ;)

Doodles and Decor:

Some STYLE: Do you have vintage movie reels? Frame some vintage movie posters! I did this next to the flatscreen... :)

While my son was building a Lego creation I was doodling and gluing in my sketchbook...I guess I was feeling "circusy" at that moment.

It's a good morning!


  1. Love the good deeds. Since I am a clown I love your doodles.

  2. That's what I'm talking about Alyssa! xxoo Nancy

  3. LOVE your Good Deeds chart, Aly!!! xoxo


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