Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i recommend...

a trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History if you haven't been. It's on the Harvard Campus and is so interesting! They have a room full of glass flowers that will amaze you and a supply of rocks and minerals that will make your eyes sparkle! Plus more research based exhibits that they are working on at Harvard.
My Will and I thinking what it would be like to see this creature walking in our backyard!
A fun rainy day trip, or a sunny day trip too where you can walk around Harvard Square after your tour of the museum. Oh, and we recommend Cambridge 1 for the yummiest healthy grilled pizza! Oh, and one more thing the museum does have a gift shop and is attached to the Peabody Museum. Go explore!


  1. Lucky you! What a wonderful place to have in your backyard! (and by backyard I mean the museum and not the ginormous dinosaur)

  2. When I went to school in Boston, I loved the glass flowers at Harvard. Thanks for sharing Alyssa. xxoo Nancy


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