Thursday, September 29, 2011

apple picking time in Massachusetts

Last weekend we went apple picking with some fun friends! What a great time we had! There's nothing better...ahh...Fall in New England. But, of course being a hearty New Englander and living here for 35 years, I am a bit partial to this little part of the world. ;)

The Apple Tree

Inside the working apple factory...The smells are unbelievable...Fresh pies and dumplings, candy apples, penny candy...the smells haven't changed since I was a little girl traveling here with my Nana and Poppa!

Can I please move into this workspace? It would be perfect for me! A few jars of paintbrushes, paints, scraps of paper, and I'm GOLDEN DELICIOUS! 

When you bring a 5 year old to go apple picking dress him or her in bright clothing!
~My "Baker's Delight" art postcards, packaged and ready to be sold to a sweet friend and supporter of local artists~
Shop on my ETSY space for original works of art by yours truly ;).
                                                                    Have a Great Day!


  1. nice photos. most i like the first one :)

  2. I have never done this but hope to one day!!!


  3. This sounds like fun! Great images of the barn, the truck and the crate.

    I am please that you joined Potpourri Friday and hope you make this a weekly party stop! I appreciate you participation.

  4. Alyssa,
    I tried to comment on your latest post but something is wrong and it does not post it..I'm trying here to see if post's go through..sorry..

  5. YUMMY! Wish we were there filling our baskets with pretty apples! xoxo


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