Wednesday, August 24, 2011

school days and fall days

Well, tomorrow is the first day my son heads off to Kindergarten and I head off to teach grade 3 in a few days! Wow! I can't believe it!!! We had a ton of fun this summer and seeing it end is bittersweet, but he can't wait to see his buddies again and I can't wait to get back into the classroom. This summer, he learned how to ride a bike without training wheels! Today, I looked behind me and he was speeding off, but yes, he did crash. His balance is way off due to his ear surgery yesterday. His little ear is full of an ointment to heal the hole that was forming in his ear drum. That doesn't hold him back though! He is super proud!
 How Time Flies!
On top of Mt. Washington
Today, we went to the local farmer's market for some fresh fruit and vegetables. I love the taste and look of pears. I had to take a pic...I sense an art project coming on here...

I need one of these timers! How cute!
Oh, and here are some organic and local apples. We picked these randomly in the bin, but look at how they line up...Ready for school! :)

Pretty soon we will be going apple picking at the orchards and eating dumplings and apple pie. We'll be snuggling up enjoying our warm fireplace and watching movies together.

Carving pumpkins, going on hikes for bittersweet, watching the leaves turn and just enjoying every bit of autumn in New England.

I'll be simmering mulled cider and planning for our Halloween Party. Complete with a donut eating contest, of course! Ahhh, Fall in New England... I love it!

A Field of Jacks!
It's coming...It's in the air!


  1. Oh to school, bittersweet! How special and I remember the emotions that go along with that. My baby is nearing 20 and heading to college. She took a year off.

    I made it to our local Farmer's Market this past weekend, also. Our's is a very VERY humble market. I have been to huge ones and this was a little pitiful. Yet, it is nice to see what few organic growers that we do have, come out to represent. Unite I say!! Thinking of you.

  2. Oh Sweet William! Lily is looking forward to joining him at school, and many other excursions! Love the bean boot. ;)


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